NAWFamerica COMING 2013!!!

The Most Anticipated Lyrical Classic, from Vince Most Wanted is now upon us.
Like many True Hip Hop emcees, that have been neglected due to their outstanding talents and True Representation of the culture of Hip Hop, Vince has continued to press hard to restore respect and honor throughout various musical bodies and expressions. Vince Bryant has remained a voice to be reckoned with and has continued to strive toward using his artistically driven abilities to reach his audiences. Although, a Conscious Hip Hop Artist, Vince can be seen in various communities working with and motivating today’s youth on subjects associated with Healthy Living and Community Development. Vince, has not only served the community, but has Honorably served this country, by protecting it’s freedom as a U.S Marine, Combat Veteran. His experiences in combat theater and through everyday life, has not only increased his awareness, but has strengthen his subject matter and song writing styles. The project, North America, pronounced “NAWF” America, in it’s Southern dialect, will solidify Vince Bryant a place in Southern Hip Hop Music and once again represent hope for a dying breed of True Hip Hop Artist in this region.

NAWF America COMING SOON!!!! 2013

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3 Responses to NAWF AMERICA COMING SOON!!!! 2013

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  3. nawfamerica says:

    This is what happens when you write on-the-go in transit…lol! …but I’m sure the message is clear. NAWF AMERICA is South slang for North America, if that’s what you were referring to.

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